Making Fitness space friendlier to general users

Working out should be an experience of comfort. We arrange our facility in a way to make you feel like home. There are different spaces for your preference no matter how often have you been to the gym. Feel free to pick your favorite spot.

Freeweight by Eleiko – IWP & Olympics approved equipment

Train like an athlete!
We pick the best equipment to guarantee the highest quality of your training. Being crafted from quality materials, Eleiko ensure longevity and durability, which pushes you to discover you new potential while maintaining high level of safety.

Think STEEL is the right place for you?

Weight machines by Watson

Being one of the world’s best gym gear brand from Britain, Watson ensures not only safety but also great experience for users. At STEEL, we have a range of Watson machines and dumbbells for you to train and diversify your work out.

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