“The key to Hospitality, to me, is to sincerely wanting the best for someone of your care. Through that sincerity, we will trike to nurture, provide and create experiences that are real to our guests. The rest are left for discovery.”

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Bring hospitality to fitness

Ever wonder it is very easy to find a good cafe space, an excellent resort or a comfortable office, yet fitness spaces are designed to be the same. STEEL’s mission is to bring the friendliness & pampering of hospitality into fitness, creating a nurturing environment for your body and your mind.

Attention to details

We put a our thoughts into the smallest details – everything that interact with you, hence, make up your fitness experience. From your personalised towel, to your favourite pre-workout drink. STEEL Host got you covered!

In-center Amenity


  • Personal Sweat towel & Bath towel customised with your name
  • In-bathroom Aesop toiletries & other change room essentials
  • Personal locker
  • Chilled or room-temperature purified water
  • Soiled sport clothes bag so you could bring home post-workout
  • Shoes storage & laundry service*

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