It’s not Fitness, it’s a Ritual.

Your experience is carefully tailored throughout our facility and services.

When you start

  • Free health assessment to set your goal. Remember: Each person’s goal is different. And there are more than just fat loss & weight loss as goals. You can be so much more than that!
  • 2 Complimentary Guest passes
  • Welcome gift package 15% off at STEEL Shop

When you’re with us

  • Book your workout session in advance so STEEL can prepare your workout session more carefully.
  • Free training program on display in the center or downloadable to your phone.
  • Training technique supervised by STEEL Host
  • Chilled refreshing towel.
  • Personal Sweat towel & Bath towel customised with your name.
  • In-bathroom Aesop toiletries Personal locker.
  • Chilled or room-temperature purified water.

When you train with our Personal Coaches

  • Priority session booking
  • Tailored, personalised training program
  • Nutrition planning & everyday meal plan
  • 24/7 consultancy service with your Personal Coaches
  • Workout clothing laundry service