Taking Private Training to the next level as STEEL focuses on building a whole team to be at your service, and we are constantly improving to deliver results on your fitness & health

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Personality matters!

As much as your coach has to be knowledgable & qualified, STEEL believes in personality match as an important aspect on your fitness journey. Therefore, with Private Training package, you can choose a Coach that “clicks” with you the most, ensuring each training session with him/her is something you will be looking forward to.

The whole team is at your service

At STEEL, every aspect of fitness: training, nutrition, recovery or medical condition, is managed by personnels with relevant and strong expertise. Although your Coach-in-charge will be your main point of interaction, STEEL Team of expertise will be supporting from behind in every aspect, making sure you are benefiting from the most suitable and effective program and delivery real results.

Qualified Coach with recognisable certificates!

Aside from our in-house, on-going training & education to constantly update ourselves with the latest studies in fitness, exercise science & nutrition, our Coaches are all qualified with International certificates & good number of experience years in their pockets.

Get your journey started toward health?

As a new customer, you are invited to train at STEEL or with a STEEL Coach for 1 trial session, experience for yourself our Service & Hospitality.

Personalization as our Priority


1 hour well-spent for each session. No small talks. Undivided concentration. Updated progress. We value your time as much as ours.


Our experienced coaches know how to choose exercises that work for your body and preference.


No packed room – Enjoy your training with private space and peace of mind.

In-house meticulous collection, analysis & usage of your fitness data

Results look different for each individual. We all know stimulus on each body impact very differently. At STEEL, your activities and its stimulus are recorded meticulously to provide an informative picture of your training.

You’ll receive frequent reports on how much you have train, how distributed stimulus has been created on your body. This will also inform and give guidance to your Coach on how to help you progress.

Our Service

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    Privacy Disclaimer: Your information are collected and used only for STEEL's servicing. We are commited to data privacy. Your information will not be shared to any third parties. STEEL will seek your approval before adding your contact to any of STEEL’s marketing campaigns.

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