STEEL is a one-stop physical health & fitness destination, providing luxurious, personalised fitness services that come with real results.

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STEEL’s Private Training packages offer tailored physical training services, catered for different lifestyles, and made to be result driven.

Driven by both most updated scientific knowledge and also real behavioural study through in-house meticulous collection, analysis & usage of fitness data, STEEL aims to give each individual the most effective training journey, yet suitable to one’s lifestyle.


Member Subscription is STEEL’s model for semi-private training. While members can still enjoy the flexibility of working out on their own at our 5-Star Fitness Facility, with occasional training sessions with our Coach, there are opportunities to connect, advance your training techniques, improve your training program or simply to have that extra motivation to keep going.

Life curated around health & fitness.

Journey to discover what’s real is one in many ways that gives life its profound meanings. What’s real to you. What fitness feels truly. What strength means to you. Which way of living you aspire to be.

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As a new customer, you are invited to train at STEEL or with a STEEL Coach for 1 trial session, experience for yourself our Service & Hospitality.

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